Annual Policy Statement

Fiscal Year Ending _______________

This Annual Policy Statement or a summary of it shall be distributed to the members within 30 to 90 days before the end of its fiscal year.

(Civil Code §§ 5310, 5320)

1. The name and address of the person designated to receive official communications to the Association is:

Name: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

If, and only if, no person is designated above, communications shall be delivered to the president or secretary of the Association.
(Civil Code § 4035)

2. A member may submit a request to have notices sent to up to two different specified addresses. The notices that owners may request be sent to two addresses are:

  • Annual disclosures (the annual budget report, the review of the annual financial statement, and this annual policy statement)
  • Assessment and collection notices (notices of special assessments or assessment increases, pre-lien notice, copy of recorded lien, copy of recorded lien release or recorded notice of rescission, notice of default, and related records)(Civil Code § 4040(b))

3. The location, if any, designated for posting of a general notice is:

(Civil Code § 4045(a)(3))

Notices that may be posted in this location by the Association include:

  • Notices re: proposed and approved operating rule changes
  • Notices and agendas of Board meetings
  • Results of elections and other membership votes
  • Board decisions to borrow from the reserve account to fund litigation

4. Members have the option to receive general notices by individual delivery.

  • General notices are delivered by inclusion in a billing statement, newsletter, or other document that is delivered by one of the methods listed in this paragraph 4; posting the printed document at the location listed above; if the Association broadcasts television programming for the purpose of distributing information on association business to its members, by inclusion in the programming; or by individual delivery.
  • Individual delivery includes first-class mail, postage prepaid; registered or certified mail; express mail; or overnight delivery by an express service carrier. It also includes e-mail, facsimile, or other electronic means if the recipient has consented in writing.

(Civil Code § 4045(b))

5. Members have the right to receive copies of minutes of board meetings other than executive session meetings.

How to obtain copies:
Submit request in writing with dates of meetings requested. Deliver request by
email to: ______________________
fax to: ______________________
mail to: ______________________

Where to obtain copies:
Copies may be mailed to you or, if you are set up to receive emails
from the Association and if the minutes are scanned, they will be
emailed to you. If you request to pick them up in person, you can do so at
after you have been notified that they are ready for pickup.

(Civil Code § 4950(b))

6. The “Notice Assessments and Foreclosure” required by Civil Code Section 5730 is attached.

7. The Association’s collection policy is attached.

8. The Association’s discipline policy, if any, including any schedule of penalties for violations of the governing documents, is attached.

(Civil Code § 5850)

9. A summary of the Association’s internal dispute resolution procedure (“IDR” or “meet and confer”) is attached.

(Civil Code § 5920)

10. A summary of the Association’s alternative dispute resolution procedure (“ADR”) is attached.

(Civil Code § 5965)

11. A summary of any requirements for Association approval of a physical change to property is attached.

(Civil Code § 4765)

12. The mailing address for overnight payment of assessments is:

Name: __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________

(Civil Code § 5655)

13. The annual budget report is attached. (Civil Code § 5300)

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