Disclosure Documents Index

(Civ. Code § 1363.005)

ItemDescriptionReference Code
1Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary (form)Civil Code § 1365.2.5
2Pro Forma Operating Budget or Pro Forma Operating Budget SummaryCivil Code § 1365(a)
3Assessment Collection PolicyCivil Code § 1365(e) and 1367.1(a)
4Notice/Assessments and Foreclosure (form)Civil Code § 1365.1
5Insurance Coverage SummaryCivil Code § 1365(f)
6Board Minutes AccessCivil Code § 1363.05(e)
7Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rights (summary)Civil Code § 1369.590
8Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Rights (summary)Civil Code § 1363.850
9Architectural Changes NoticeCivil Code §1378(c)
10Secondary Address Notification RequestCivil Code § 1367.1(k)
11Monetary Penalties ScheduleCivil Code § 1363(g)
12Reserve Funding Plan (summary)Civil Code § 1365(b)
13Review of Financial StatementCivil Code § 1365(c)
14Annual Update of Reserve StudyCivil Code § 1365(a)

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