Misc. Annual Disclosures

[Name of Homeowners Association]

Assessment Collection Policies. Attached are (1) a statement describing the Association’s policies and practices in enforcing lien rights and other legal remedies for default in payment of its assessments against its members, and (2) a “Notice – Assessments and Foreclosure.”

Minutes. Minutes of all open meetings of the Board are available to members within 30 days of the meeting. The minutes, proposed minutes, or summary minutes shall be distributed to any member of the Association upon request and upon reimbursement of the Association’s costs for making that distribution.

Rules Enforcement. The Association may impose monetary penalties, suspend privileges and/or take legal action for violation of the Association’s governing documents. The Association’s schedule of monetary penalties are as follows:

First Violation……………………………………………………..$[Fill in fine amount]
Second and Subsequent Violations………………….$[Fill in fine amount]

If the Board plans to meet to discuss a member’s violation and consider taking action, the member shall be notified at least 10 days in advance of the meeting and shall be invited to attend. The notice shall contain the date, time and place of the meeting, and the nature of the alleged violation. Within 15 days after the Board makes a decision, the member shall be notified of that decision.

Right To Receive Annual Financial Report. If the Association’s annual income for the past fiscal year exceeded $10,000, the Association has prepared an annual financial report for that year. This report is available on receipt of a written request from you, at the Association’s cost.

Right to Identify Secondary Address. Upon the receipt of a written request by an owner identifying a secondary address for purposes of collection notices, the Association shall send additional copies of any notices required by Civil Code Section 1367.1 to the secondary address provided. The owner’s request must be in writing and mailed to the Association in a manner that shall indicate the Association has received it. Owners may identify or change a secondary address at any time, provided that, if a secondary address is identifies or changed during the collection process, the Association shall only be required to send notices to the indicated secondary address from the point the Association receives the request.

Alternative Dispute Resolution. Information on alternative dispute resolution procedures is attached.

Internal Dispute Resolution. The Association’s policy for informal internal dispute resolution is attached.

Insurance Coverage. Information on insurance policies carried by the Association is attached.

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