Notice of Violation and Hearing

[HOA Letterhead]


Date:_________________________________________, 20__
Mailing Address:_______________________________________________
Address at Association
(if different):


You have been charged with a violation as follows:
Violation date/time:_______________________, 20__, ________ a.m. / p.m.
Violation Location:_______________________________________________
Description of Violation:_______________________________________________
This is a violation of :CC&Rs Section _________________
Bylaws Section _________________
Rule __________________________
The Board has scheduled a hearing as follows to discussing imposing a fine against you or taking other disciplinary action.
Hearing Date/Time:_______________________, 20__, ________ a.m. / p.m.
Hearing Location:_______________________________________________
You are entitled to attend this hearing and to address the Board. At the hearing, you may produce any statement, evidence, or witnesses on your behalf. You may also send a letter presenting your defense.
Please notify __________________________ at (_____) _____-_________ at least five (5) days in advance whether you plan to attend. If you fail to attend the hearing, a decision will be made in your absence.
Board of Directors
_______________ Homeowners Association

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