§ 1368.2. – Escrow Disclosure Form

The form for billing disclosures required by Section 1368 shall be in substantially the following form:


Property Address _______________________________________________________________

Owner of Property ______________________________________________________________

Owner’s Mailing Address _________________________________________________________

(If known or different from property address.)

Provider of the Section 1368 Items:


Print Name Position or Title Association or Agent

Date Form Completed: ___________________

Check or Complete Applicable Column or Columns Below

DocumentCivil Code SectionIncluded Not Available (N/A) or

Not Applicable (N/App)
Articles of Incorporation or statement that not incorporated1368(a)(1)
Operating Rules1368(a)(1)
Age restrictions, if any1368(a)(2)
Pro forma operating budget or summary, including reserve study1365 and 1368(a)(3)
Assessment and reserve funding disclosure summary1365 and 1368(a)(4)
Financial statement review1365 and 1368(a)(3)
Assessment enforcement policy1365 and 1368(a)(4)
Insurance summary1365 and 1368(a)(3)
Regular assessment1368(a)(4)
Special assessment1368(a)(4)
Emergency assessment1368(a)(4)
Other unpaid obligations of seller1367.1 and 1368(a)(4)
Approved changes to assessments1365 and 1368(a)(4), (8)
Settlement notice regarding common area defects1368(a)(6), (7) and 1375.1
Preliminary list of defects1368(a)(6), 1375, and 1375.1
Notice(s) of violation1363 and 1368(a)(5)
Required statement of fees1368
Minutes of regular meetings of the board of directors conducted over the previous 12 months, if requested1368(a)(9)

Total fees for these documents: $_________

* The information provided by this form may not include all fees that may be imposed before the close of escrow. Additional fees that are not related to the requirements of Section 1368 may be charged separately.

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