Code Cites – Conversion Chart From 2013 to 2014

Title of Act13504000
Delivery of notice to owners1350.74040, 4045, 4050, 4148, 4153, 5310(a)(3) & (4)
Electronic delivery to owners1350.7(b)(3)4055
Definition – association1351(a)4080
Definition – common area1351(b)4095
Definition – common interest development1351(c)4100
Definition – community apartment project1351(d)4105
Definition – condominium plan1351(e)4120, 4285, 4290, 4295
Definition – condominium project1351(f)4125
Definition – declarant1351(g)4130
Definition – declaration1351(h)4135
Definition – exclusive use common area1351(i)4145
Definition – governing documents1351(j)4150
Definition – planned development1351(k)4175
Definition – separate interest1351(l)4185
Definition – stock cooperative1351(m)4190
Application of Davis-Stirling Act13524200
CC&Rs – deletion of unlawful restrictions1352.54225
CC&Rs – contents13534135, 4250
CC&Rs – airport influence area disclosure1353(a)4135, 4255
Display of U.S. Flag.1353.54705
Display of noncommercial signs1353.64710
Roofing materials1353.74720
Low water-using plants1353.84735
Electric vehicle charging stations1353.94745
CC&Rs – enforcement13545975
CC&Rs – amendments13554260, 4270
Governing documents – vote to amend1355(b)5115(e)
Governing documents – deletion of developer provisions1355.54230
CC&Rs – court petition to amend13564275
CC&Rs – extension of term13574265
Rule changes – definitions1357.0014340
Rules – validity1357.1104350
Application of rulemaking procedures1357.1204355
Rule changes – board approval1357.1304360
Rule change – reversal by members1357.1404365
Rule changes – effective date of statute1357.1504370
Transfer of exclusive use common area13584645
Severability of component interests13584650
Transfer of interest – community apartment project1358(a)4625
Transfer of interest – condominium project1358(b)4630
Transfer of interest – planned development1358(c)4635
Transfer of interest – stock co-op1358(d)4640
Partition of property – restrictions13594610
Alterations; modifications to provide handicap access13604760
Rental restrictions1360.24740
Easements for ingress, egress and support13614505
Members’ access to their separate interest1361.54510
Ownership of common area13624500
Management by association1363(a)4800
Association’s powers1363(c)4805
Member meetings and parliamentary procedure1363(d)5000
Member inspection of records1363(e)5200 – 5240
Schedule of fines1363(f)5850, 5310(a)(8)
Joint neighborhood associations1363(h)4820
Authority to impose monetary penalties1363(i)5865
Online education course for directors1363.0015400
Annual disclosures1363.0054078, 5310
Voting rules1363.03(a)5105
Membership votes by secret ballot1363.03(b)5100
Secret ballots – inspector of election1363.03(c)5110
Proxies – definitions1363.03(d)5130
Secret ballots – procedure1363.03(e)5115
Secret ballots – tallying the vote1363.03(f), (g)5120
Secret ballots – storage1363.03(h), (i)5125
Voting rules – nominations1363.03(j)5105(b)
Membership voting – by mail1363.03(k)5115(d)
Membership voting – application1363.03(l)5100(c)
Membership voting – delegates or elected representatives1363.03(m)5100(d)
Membership voting – conflict with Corporations Code1363.03(n)5100(e)
Campaign funding1363.045135
Board meetings1363.054910
Board meetings – Open Meeting Act1363.05(a)4900
Board meetings – member attendance1363.05(b)4925
Board meetings – executive session1363.05(b)-(c)4935
Board meetings – minutes1363.05(d)4950
Board meetings – notice of right to receive minutes1363.05(e)5310(a)(5)
Board meetings – notice to members1363.05(f)4920
Board meetings – emergency meetings1363.05(g)4923
Meetings – member participation1363.05(h)4925, 5000
Board meetings – agenda items1363.05(i)4930
No board action outside of meeting; board emails1365.05(j)4910
Board meetings – definition1363.05(k)4090, 4155
Grant of exclusive use common area1363.074600
Action to enforce Open Meeting Act and membership voting requirements1363.094605, 4955, 5145
Disclosures by prospective managing agent1363.14158, 5375, 5385
Managing agents1363.24158, 5380
Articles of Incorporation1363.54280
Association Information Statement submitted to Secretary of State1363.65405
Internal dispute resolution – application1363.8105900
Dispute resolution procedure required1363.8205905
Dispute resolution procedure minimum requirements1363.8305910
Dispute resolution procedure1363.8405915
Dispute resolution procedure – notice1363.8505920, 5310(a)(9)
Maintenance and repairs1364(a)4775(a)
Wood-destroying pests1364(b)4780
Maintenance and repairs – temporary relocation1364(c)4775(b)
Wood-destroying pests – temporary relocation1364(d), (e)4785
Owners’ maintenance of telephone lines1364(f)4790
Annual disclosures – budget and reserve study1365(a), (b)4076, 5300, 5565
Annual review of financial statement1365(c)5305, 5310
Annual disclosures – budget summary1365(d)5320
Annual disclosures – collection policy1365(e)5310(a)(7)
Annual disclosures – insurance1365(f)5300, 5810
Notice – Assessments and Foreclosure1365.15310(a)(6), 5730
Members’ secondary address1365.1(c)4040(b), 5310(a)(2)
Association records – definitions1365.2(a)5200
Membership list – opting out of disclosure1365.2(a)(1)(I)5220
Membership list – owner request for copy1365.2(a)(1)(I)5225
Association records – member inspection1365.2(b)5205
Association records – redacting or withholding records1365.2(d)5215
Association records – improper use by member1365.2(e)5230
Association records – action to enforce member’s inspection rights1365.2(f)5235
Association records – applicability of Davis-Stirling Act to Corporations Code and specific CIDs1365.2(g), (l), (m)5240
Association records – electronic copies1365.2(h)5205
Association records – time periods of records available to members for inspection1365.2(i)5210
Association records – timeframe to respond to member’s request1365.2(j)5210(b)
Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary form1365.2.55300, 5570
Community service organization reporting1365.35580
Board review of financial information1365.5(a)5500
Reserve account – withdrawals1365.5(b)5510(a)
Reserve funds1365.5(c)5515
Reserve funds – litigation costs1365.5(d)5520
Reserve study1365.5(e)5550, 5560
Reserve account – definition1365.5(f)4177
Reserve account requirements – definition1365.5(g)4178
Directors – conflict of interest – application of Corporations Code1365.65350
Volunteer directors – liability1365.75800
Liability for common areas1365.95805
Assessments – authorization to levy1366(a)5600(a)
Assessments – increases1366(b)5605
Assessments – execution by judgment creditor1366(c)5620
Assessments – notice of increase1366(d)5615
Assessments – delinquency1366(e)5650(a), (b)
Assessments – exemption from interest rate limitations1366(f)5650(c)
Excessive assessments or fees1366.15600(b)
Recorded notice of agent to receive payments1366.24210
Assessments and taxes1366.45625
Liens recorded before 200313675740
Lien – pre-lien notice1367.1(a)5660
Application of payments1367.1(b)5655
Lien – board decision to record1367.1(c)5673
Lien – “meet and confer” offer before recordation1367.1(c)(1)5670
Foreclosure – ADR and “meet and confer” offer before foreclosing1367.1(c)(1)5705
Delinquency – payment plan requests1367.1(c)(3)4935, 5665
Lien – recordation1367.1(d)5675
Lien – common area damage1367.1(d)5725
Lien – release of lien – payment1367.1(d)5685(a)
Lien – no lien for monetary penalty1367.1(e)5725
Lien – priority1367.1(f)5680
No assignment of right to collect or foreclose1367.1(g)5735
Lien – enforcement1367.1(g)-(h)5700, 5710
Lien – release of lien recorded in error1367.1(i)5685(b)
Lien – association noncompliance1367.1(l)5690
Foreclosure – $1,800 or 12-month minimum1367.45720
Foreclosure of lien1367.4(c)5705
Foreclosure – right of redemption1367.4(c)(4)5715
Lien – recorded in error1367.55685
Delinquency – members’ payment under protest1367.65658
Escrow disclosures13684525, 4530, 4535, 4540, 4545
Escrow fees1368(c)4575, 4580
Marketing restrictions in governing documents1368.14730
Escrow disclosure form1368.24528
Association standing to sue1368.35980
Comparative fault of association1368.45985
Civil action filed by association1368.56000, 6150
Mechanics liens13694615
Alternative dispute resolution – definitions1369.5105925
Alternative dispute resolution – prerequisite to lawsuit1369.5205930
Alternative dispute resolution – service of request1369.5305935
Alternative dispute resolution – process1369.5405940
Alternative dispute resolution – request and statute of limitations1369.5505945
Alternative dispute resolution – certification1369.5605950
Alternative dispute resolution after litigation is filed1369.5705955
Alternative dispute resolution – award of attorneys fees1369.5805960
Alternative dispute resolution – annual disclosure1369.5905965
Governing documents – liberal construction13704215
Zoning ordinances13724020
Industrial and commercial developments13734202
Developments without common area13744201
Developments without common area13744201
Construction defect litigation13756000
Construction defect litigation – settlement and disclosure to owners1375.16100
Antennas and satellite dishes13764725
Architectural review procedures13784765

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