Table of Contents – Part I



§ 10153.2Educational Requirements Of Applicants For Real Estate Broker’s License; Waiver; Credit For Other Courses

Subdivided Lands

§ 11003Planned Development
§ 11003.2Stock Cooperative
§ 11004.5Additional Subdivisions And Interests Included In Reference To “Subdivided Lands” And “Subdivision”
§ 11010.3Proposed Sale Or Lease Of Interest In Subdivision Limited To Industrial Or Commercial Use; Applicability Of Chapter
§ 11504Disclosure Requirements

Club Licenses

§ 23426.5Tennis Club
§ 23428.20Condominiums And Cooperatives; Condominium Homeowners’ Association



§ 47Litigation Privilege


§ 51Unruh Civil Rights Act
§ 51.2Housing Discrimination Prohibited Based On Age; Application Of Section—Housing Specifications To Meet Needs Of Senior Citizens
§ 51.3Establishing And Preserving Accessible Housing For Senior Citizens
§ 51.11Senior Citizen Housing, Riverside County Only
§ 52Penalty For Discrimination
§ 52.1Interference With Exercise Of Civil Rights–Remedies.
§ 53Discriminatory Provisions On Ownership Or Use Of Real Property Void

Green Statutes

§ 714Unenforceability Of Deeds, Contracts Or Instruments Prohibiting Or Restricting Installation Or Use Of Solar Energy System
§ 714.1Solar Energy Systems; Common Interest Developments; Approval; Maintenance; Indemnification Or Reimbursement

Architectural and Landscaping Changes

§ 714.3Restrictions On Accessory Dwelling Units

Real Or Immovable Property

§ 782Discriminatory Restrictions In Deeds; Invalidity; Familial Status
§ 782.5Discriminatory Restrictions In Deeds Or Other Title-Related Instruments; Deemed Revised To Omit Restrictions; Familial Status
§ 783“Condominium” Defined
§ 783.1Stock Cooperatives; Separate And Correlative Interests
§ 1098“Transfer Fee” Defined
§ 1133Properties with Blanket Encumbrance
§ 1134Statement of Defects or Disclaimer
§ 1468HO/HOA Agreements, Recorded

Electronic Signatures And Transmissions

§ 1633.1Title
§ 1633.2Definitions
§ 1633.3Application; Davis-Stirling Transactions Excluded
§ 1633.4Effective Date
§ 1633.5Both Parties’ Agreement Required
§ 1633.6Purpose
§ 1633.7Legal Effect Of Electronic Records And Signatures
§ 1633.8Posting, Delivery And Storage
§ 1633.9Effect Of Electronic Signature
§ 1633.10Change Or Error In Transmission
§ 1633.11Notarization; Penalty Of Perjury
§ 1633.12Retention Of Record
§ 1633.13Use As Evidence
§ 1633.14Automated Transactions – Contract Formation And Terms
§ 1633.15When Sent; When Received
§ 1633.16Conflicts With Other Law
§ 1633.17Regulation Of Automatic Signatures


§ 1940.10Private Food Gardens
§ 1940.45Religious Items Displayed in Doorways
§ 1947.6Tenant Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Station
§ 1952.7Tenant Installations of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
§ 2924bNotice Of Default
§ 2955.1Condominium Loans; Underwriting Requirements For Earthquake Insurance Or Fees; Disclosures



Davis-Stirling Act – General Provisions

§ 4000Title Of Act
§ 4005Headings
§ 4010Documents And Actions Before 2014
§ 4020Zoning Ordinances
§ 4035Delivery To Association
§ 4040Individual Delivery To Owners
§ 4041Process for Updating Owner Addresses
§ 4045General Delivery To Owners
§ 4050Completion Of Delivery
§ 4055Electronic Delivery
§ 4065Approval By Majority Of Members
§ 4070Approval By Majority Of Quorum
§ 4075Definitions
§ 4076Definition, Annual Budget Report
§ 4078Definition, Annual Policy Statement
§ 4080Definition, Association
§ 4085Definition, Board
§ 4090Definition, Board Meeting
§ 4095Definition, Common Area
§ 4100Definition, Common Interest Development
§ 4105Definition, Community Apartment Project
§ 4110Definition, Community Service Organization
§ 4120Definition, Condominium Plan
§ 4125Definition, Condominium Project
§ 4130Definition, Declarant
§ 4135Definition, Declaration
§ 4140Definition, Director
§ 4145Definition, Exclusive Use Common Area
§ 4148Definition, General Notice
§ 4150Definition, Governing Documents
§ 4153Definition, Individual Notice
§ 4155Definition, Item Of Business
§ 4158Definition, Managing Agent
§ 4160Definition, Member
§ 4170Definition, Person
§ 4175Definition, Planned Development
§ 4177Definition, Reserve Account
§ 4178Definition, Reserve Account Requirements
§ 4185Definition, Separate Interest
§ 4190Definition, Stock Cooperative

Davis-Stirling Act – Application Of Act

§ 4200Application Of Davis-Stirling Act
§ 4201Developments Without Common Area
§ 4202Industrial Or Commercial Developments

Davis-Stirling Act – Governing Documents

§ 4205Governing Documents, Order Of Priority
§ 4210Recorded Statement Of Association
§ 4215Governing Documents Liberally Construed
§ 4220Unit Boundaries
§ 4225Deletion Of Restrictive Covenants
§ 4230Governing Documents, Deletion Of Developer Provisions
§ 4235Correction Of Statutory References In Documents
§ 4250CC&Rs, Contents
§ 4255CC&Rs, Airport Influence Area Disclosure
§ 4260CC&Rs, Ability To Amend
§ 4265CC&Rs, Extension Of Term
§ 4270CC&Rs, Amendments
§ 4275CC&Rs, Court Petition To Amend
§ 4280Articles Of Incorporation
§ 4285Condominium Plan, Contents
§ 4290Condominium Plan, Recordation
§ 4295Condominium Plan, Amendment Or Revocation
§ 4340Operating Rule, Definitions Of Terms
§ 4350Operating Rule, Requirements
§ 4355Operating Rule, Application Of Statutes
§ 4360Operating Rule, Procedures For Adoption
§ 4365Operating Rule, Membership Vote To Reverse
§ 4370Operating Rule, Effective Date Of Statute

Davis-Stirling Act – Ownership And Transfer Of Interests

§ 4500Ownership Of Common Area
§ 4505Common Area, Easements
§ 4510Access To Separate Interest
§ 4515Assembly for Political Purposes; Flyers
§ 4525Escrow Disclosures By Owner
§ 4528Escrow Disclosure Form
§ 4530Escrow Disclosure By Association
§ 4535Escrow Disclosure, Compliance With Other Statutes
§ 4540Escrow Disclosure, Penalty For Violation
§ 4545Escrow Disclosure, No Effect On Title To Real Property
§ 4575Transfer Fees, Cap
§ 4580Transfer Fees, Organizations Not Subject To Cap
§ 4600Exclusive Use Common Area, Grant
§ 4605Action For Violation Re: Grant Of Exclusive Use Common Area
§ 4610Partition Of Common Area
§ 4615Mechanics Liens
§ 4620Lien; Notice to Members
§ 4625Transfer Of Interest In Community Apartment Project
§ 4630Transfer Of Interest In Condominium Project
§ 4635Transfer Of Interest In Planned Development
§ 4640Transfer Of Interest In Stock Cooperative
§ 4645Transfer Of Exclusive Use Areas
§ 4650Severability Of Component Interests

Davis-Stirling Act – Property Use And Maintenance

§ 4700Regulations On Use Of Separate Interest And Applicability Of Other Statutes
§ 4705Display Of U.S. Flag
§ 4706Religious Items Displayed in Doorways
§ 4710Noncommercial Signs
§ 4715Pets
§ 4720Roofing Materials
§ 4725Antennas And Satellite Dishes
§ 4730Marketing Restrictions In Governing Documents
§ 4735Water-Efficient Plants and Landscaping Restrictions
§ 4740Rental Restrictions, Grandfathering
§ 4741Rental Restrictions
§ 4745Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
§ 4745.1Electric Vehicle Dedicated TOU Meters
§ 4746Solar Panels on Common Area Roofs
§ 4750Personal Food Gardens
§ 4751Accessory Dwelling Units
§ 4753Clotheslines
§ 4760Modifications For Handicap Access
§ 4765Architectural Review Procedures
§ 4775Maintenance And Repairs
§ 4777Pesticides
§ 4780Wood-Destroying Pests Or Organisms
§ 4785Wood-Destroying Pests Or Organisms, Temporary Relocation
§ 4790Owners’ Maintenance Of Telephone Lines

Davis-Stirling Act – Association Governance

§ 4800Management By Association
§ 4805Association’s Powers
§ 4820Joint Neighborhood Associations
§ 4900Open Meeting Act
§ 4910Board Meetings, Electronic Transmissions
§ 4920Board Meetings, Notice To Members
§ 4923Board Meetings, Emergency Meetings
§ 4925Board Meetings, Member Attendance And Participation
§ 4930Board Meetings, Agenda Items
§ 4935Board Meetings, Executive Session
§ 4950Board Meetings, Minutes
§ 4955Board Meetings, Member Action To Enforce Rights
§ 5000Membership Meetings, Participation
§ 5100Membership Votes; Matters Voted by Secret Ballot
§ 5103Election by Acclamation
§ 5105Election Rules
§ 5110Membership Votes; Inspector of Election
§ 5115Secret Ballots
§ 5120Secret Ballots, Tabulation
§ 5125Custody and Inspection of Ballot Materials
§ 5130Proxies
§ 5135Campaign Funding
§ 5145Secret Ballots; Member Action to Enforce Rights
§ 5200Association Records, Definitions
§ 5205Association Records, Member Inspection
§ 5210Records Inspection, Time Periods
§ 5215Association Records, Redacting Or Withholding
§ 5216Safe at Home Program
§ 5220Membership List, Member Opt-Out
§ 5225Membership List, Request For Copy
§ 5230Association Records, Improper Use By Member
§ 5235Records Inspection, Member Action To Enforce Rights
§ 5240Records Inspection, Corporations Code And Specific Organizations
§ 5260Members’ Requests In Writing
§ 5300Annual Budget Report
§ 5305Review Of Financial Statement
§ 5310Annual Policy Statement
§ 5320Summaries Of Annual Reports
§ 5350Directors, Conflict of Interest
§ 5375Prospective Managing Agent, Disclosures
§ 5375.5Manager Conflict of Interest Defined
§ 5376Manager Facilitate Delivery of Documents
§ 5380Managing Agent, Handling Of Funds
§ 5385Managing Agent, Definition
§ 5400Directors, Online Education Course
§ 5405Secretary Of S
tate, Association Information Statement
§ 5450State of Emergency Powers and Procedures

Davis-Stirling Act – Finances

§ 5500Board Review of Association Finances
§ 5501Financial Review Between Board Meetings
§ 5502Board Authorization of Financial Transfer
§ 5510Reserve Account Withdrawals
§ 5515Reserve Funds, Borrowing From Account
§ 5520Reserve Funds, Litigation Costs
§ 5550Reserve Study
§ 5551Inspection of Balconies
§ 5560Reserve Funding Plan
§ 5565Reserve Study, Calculating Summary Of Reserves
§ 5570Reserve Study, Disclosure Form
§ 5580Community Service Organization Reporting

Davis-Stirling Act – Assessments And Assessment Collection

§ 5600Assessments, Levying
§ 5605Assessments, Annual Increases
§ 5610Assessments, Increases For Emergency Situations
§ 5615Assessments, Notice
§ 5620Assessments, Judgment Creditors
§ 5625Assessments And Taxes
§ 5650Assessments, Delinquency
§ 5655Assessments, Application Of Payments
§ 5658Disputed Sums
§ 5660Assessments, Pre-Lien Notice
§ 5665Assessments, Payment Plan Requests
§ 5670Lien, “Meet And Confer” Offer Before Recordation
§ 5673Lien, Board Decision To Record
§ 5675Lien, Recordation
§ 5680Lien, Priority
§ 5685Lien, Release
§ 5690Lien, Association Noncompliance
§ 5700Lien, Enforcement
§ 5705Foreclosure Prerequisites
§ 5710Foreclosure
§ 5715Foreclosure, Right Of Redemption
§ 5720Foreclosure, $1,800 Or 12-Month Minimum
§ 5725Foreclosure, Monetary Charge Or Penalty
§ 5730Notice Assessments And Foreclosure
§ 5735No Assignment Of Right To Collect Or Foreclose
§ 5740Liens Recorded Before 2003

Davis-Stirling Act – Insurance And Liability

§ 5800Volunteer Directors, Liability
§ 5805Liability For Common Areas
§ 5806Fidelity Bond Coverage Requirement
§ 5810Notice Re Insurance Policy Changes

Davis-Stirling Act – Dispute Resolution And Enforcement

§ 5850Schedule Of Monetary Penalties
§ 5855Hearings
§ 5865Monetary Penalties
§ 5900Internal Dispute Resolution, Application
§ 5905Dispute Resolution Procedure Required
§ 5910Dispute Resolution Procedure, Minimum Requirements
§ 5910.1Civil Action; Internal Dispute Resolution
§ 5915Dispute Resolution Procedure
§ 5920Dispute Resolution, Annual Disclosure
§ 5925Alternative Dispute Resolution, Definitions
§ 5930Alternative Dispute Resolution, Prerequisite To Litigation
§ 5935Alternative Dispute Resolution, Service Of Request
§ 5940Alternative Dispute Resolution, Process
§ 5945Alternative Dispute Resolution, Statute Of Limitation
§ 5950Alternative Dispute Resolution, Certificate
§ 5955Alternative Dispute Resolution During Litigation
§ 5960Alternative Dispute Resolution, Attorney’s Fees
§ 5965Alternative Dispute Resolution, Annual Disclosure
§ 5975CC&Rs, Enforcement
§ 5980Association Standing To Sue
§ 5985Comparative Fault Of Association

Table of Contents – Part II

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