Table of Contents – Part I



Educational Requirements Of Applicants For Real Estate Broker's License; Waiver; Credit For Other Courses

Subdivided Lands

Planned Development
Stock Cooperative
Additional Subdivisions And Interests Included In Reference To “Subdivided Lands” And “Subdivision”
Proposed Sale Or Lease Of Interest In Subdivision Limited To Industrial Or Commercial Use; Applicability Of Chapter
Disclosure Requirements

Club Licenses

Tennis Club
Condominiums And Cooperatives; Condominium Homeowners’ Association



§ 47
Litigation Privilege


§ 51
Unruh Civil Rights Act
Housing Discrimination Prohibited Based On Age; Application Of Section—Housing Specifications To Meet Needs Of Senior Citizens
Establishing And Preserving Accessible Housing For Senior Citizens
Senior Citizen Housing, Riverside County Only
§ 52
Penalty For Discrimination
Interference With Exercise Of Civil Rights--Remedies.
§ 53
Discriminatory Provisions On Ownership Or Use Of Real Property Void

Green Statutes

Unenforceability Of Deeds, Contracts Or Instruments Prohibiting Or Restricting Installation Or Use Of Solar Energy System
Solar Energy Systems; Common Interest Developments; Approval; Maintenance; Indemnification Or Reimbursement

Real Or Immovable Property

Discriminatory Restrictions In Deeds; Invalidity; Familial Status
Discriminatory Restrictions In Deeds Or Other Title-Related Instruments; Deemed Revised To Omit Restrictions; Familial Status
“Condominium” Defined
Stock Cooperatives; Separate And Correlative Interests
“Transfer Fee” Defined
Properties with Blanket Encumbrance
Statement of Defects or Disclaimer
HO/HOA Agreements, Recorded

Electronic Signatures And Transmissions

Application; Davis-Stirling Transactions Excluded
Effective Date
Both Parties’ Agreement Required
Legal Effect Of Electronic Records And Signatures
Posting, Delivery And Storage
Effect Of Electronic Signature
Change Or Error In Transmission
Notarization; Penalty Of Perjury
Retention Of Record
Use As Evidence
Automated Transactions - Contract Formation And Terms
When Sent; When Received
Conflicts With Other Law
Regulation Of Automatic Signatures


Private Food Gardens
Tenant Requests to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Tenant Installations of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Notice Of Default
Condominium Loans; Underwriting Requirements For Earthquake Insurance Or Fees; Disclosures



Davis-Stirling Act – General Provisions

Title Of Act
Documents And Actions Before 2014
Zoning Ordinances
Delivery To Association
Individual Delivery To Owners
Owners' Addresses
General Delivery To Owners
Completion Of Delivery
Electronic Delivery
Approval By Majority Of Members
Approval By Majority Of Quorum
Definition, Annual Budget Report
Definition, Annual Policy Statement
Definition, Association
Definition, Board
Definition, Board Meeting
Definition, Common Area
Definition, Common Interest Development
Definition, Community Apartment Project
Definition, Community Service Organization
Definition, Condominium Plan
Definition, Condominium Project
Definition, Declarant
Definition, Declaration
Definition, Director
Definition, Exclusive Use Common Area
Definition, General Notice
Definition, Governing Documents
Definition, Individual Notice
Definition, Item Of Business
Definition, Managing Agent
Definition, Member
Definition, Person
Definition, Planned Development
Definition, Reserve Account
Definition, Reserve Account Requirements
Definition, Separate Interest
Definition, Stock Cooperative

Davis-Stirling Act - Application Of Act

Application Of Davis-Stirling Act
Developments Without Common Area
Industrial Or Commercial Developments

Davis-Stirling Act - Governing Documents

Governing Documents, Order Of Priority
Recorded Statement Of Association
Governing Documents Liberally Construed
Unit Boundaries
Deletion Of Restrictive Covenants
Governing Documents, Deletion Of Developer Provisions
Correction Of Statutory References In Documents
CC&Rs, Contents
CC&Rs, Airport Influence Area Disclosure
CC&Rs, Ability To Amend
CC&Rs, Extension Of Term
CC&Rs, Amendments
CC&Rs, Court Petition To Amend
Articles Of Incorporation
Condominium Plan, Contents
Condominium Plan, Recordation
Condominium Plan, Amendment Or Revocation
Operating Rule, Definitions Of Terms
Operating Rule, Requirements
Operating Rule, Application Of Statutes
Operating Rule, Procedures For Adoption
Operating Rule, Membership Vote To Reverse
Operating Rule, Effective Date Of Statute

Davis-Stirling Act - Ownership And Transfer Of Interests

Ownership Of Common Area
Common Area, Easements
Access To Separate Interest
Assembly for Political Purposes; Flyers
Escrow Disclosures By Owner
Escrow Disclosure Form
Escrow Disclosure By Association
Escrow Disclosure, Compliance With Other Statutes
Escrow Disclosure, Penalty For Violation
Escrow Disclosure, No Effect On Title To Real Property
Transfer Fees, Cap
Transfer Fees, Organizations Not Subject To Cap
Exclusive Use Common Area, Grant
Action For Violation Re: Grant Of Exclusive Use Common Area
Partition Of Common Area
Mechanics Liens
Lien; Notice to Members
Transfer Of Interest In Community Apartment Project
Transfer Of Interest In Condominium Project
Transfer Of Interest In Planned Development
Transfer Of Interest In Stock Cooperative
Transfer Of Exclusive Use Areas
Severability Of Component Interests

Davis-Stirling Act - Property Use And Maintenance

Regulations On Use Of Separate Interest And Applicability Of Other Statutes
Display Of U.S. Flag
Noncommercial Signs
Roofing Materials
Antennas And Satellite Dishes
Marketing Restrictions In Governing Documents
Water-Efficient Plants and Landscaping Restrictions
Rental Restrictions
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Electric Vehicle Dedicated TOU Meters
Solar Panels on Common Area Roofs
Personal Food Gardens
Modifications For Handicap Access
Architectural Review Procedures
Maintenance And Repairs
Wood-Destroying Pests Or Organisms
Wood-Destroying Pests Or Organisms, Temporary Relocation
Owners’ Maintenance Of Telephone Lines

Davis-Stirling Act - Association Governance

Management By Association
Association’s Powers
Joint Neighborhood Associations
Open Meeting Act
Board Meetings, Electronic Transmissions
Board Meetings, Notice To Members
Board Meetings, Emergency Meetings
Board Meetings, Member Attendance And Participation
Board Meetings, Agenda Items
Board Meetings, Executive Session
Board Meetings, Minutes
Board Meetings, Member Action To Enforce Rights
Membership Meetings, Participation
Membership Votes, Matters Voted By Secret Ballot
Voting Rules
Membership Votes, Inspector Of Election
Secret Ballots
Secret Ballots, Tabulation
Secret Ballots, Custody And Member Inspection
Campaign Funding
Secret Ballots, Member Action To Enforce Rights
Association Records, Definitions
Association Records, Member Inspection
Records Inspection, Time Periods
Association Records, Redacting Or Withholding
Membership List, Member Opt-Out
Membership List, Request For Copy
Association Records, Improper Use By Member
Records Inspection, Member Action To Enforce Rights
Records Inspection, Corporations Code And Specific Organizations
Members’ Requests In Writing
Annual Budget Report
Review Of Financial Statement
Annual Policy Statement
Summaries Of Annual Reports
Directors, Conflict of Interest
Prospective Managing Agent, Disclosures
Manager Conflict of Interest Defined
Manager Facilitate Delivery of Documents
Managing Agent, Handling Of Funds
Managing Agent, Definition
Directors, Online Education Course
Secretary Of State, Association Information Statement

Davis-Stirling Act - Finances

Board Review of Association Finances
Financial Review Between Board Meetings
Board Authorization of Financial Transfer
Reserve Account Withdrawals
Reserve Funds, Borrowing From Account
Reserve Funds, Litigation Costs
Reserve Study
Reserve Funding Plan
Reserve Study, Calculating Summary Of Reserves
Reserve Study, Disclosure Form
Community Service Organization Reporting

Davis-Stirling Act - Assessments And Assessment Collection

Assessments, Levying
Assessments, Annual Increases
Assessments, Increases For Emergency Situations
Assessments, Notice
Assessments, Judgment Creditors
Assessments And Taxes
Assessments, Delinquency
Assessments, Application Of Payments
Disputed Sums
Assessments, Pre-Lien Notice
Assessments, Payment Plan Requests
Lien, “Meet And Confer” Offer Before Recordation
Lien, Board Decision To Record
Lien, Recordation
Lien, Priority
Lien, Release
Lien, Association Noncompliance
Lien, Enforcement
Foreclosure Prerequisites
Foreclosure, Right Of Redemption
Foreclosure, $1,800 Or 12-Month Minimum
Foreclosure, Monetary Charge Or Penalty
Notice Assessments And Foreclosure
No Assignment Of Right To Collect Or Foreclose
Liens Recorded Before 2003

Davis-Stirling Act - Insurance And Liability

Volunteer Directors, Liability
Liability For Common Areas
Fidelity Board Coverage Requirement
Notice Re Insurance Policy Changes

Davis-Stirling Act - Dispute Resolution And Enforcement

Schedule Of Monetary Penalties
Monetary Penalties
Internal Dispute Resolution, Application
Dispute Resolution Procedure Required
Dispute Resolution Procedure, Minimum Requirements
Dispute Resolution Procedure
Dispute Resolution, Annual Disclosure
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Definitions
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Prerequisite To Litigation
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Service Of Request
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Process
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Statute Of Limitation
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Certificate
Alternative Dispute Resolution During Litigation
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Attorney’s Fees
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Annual Disclosure
CC&Rs, Enforcement
Association Standing To Sue
Comparative Fault Of Association

Table of Contents – Part II

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