§ 1357.120 - Application

(a)        Sections 1357.130 and 1357.140 only apply to an operating rule that relates to
            one or more of the following subjects:

            (1)        Use of the common area or of an exclusive use common area.
            (2)        Use of a separate interest, including any aesthetic or architectural standards
                         that govern alteration of a separate interest.
            (3)        Member discipline, including any schedule of monetary penalties for violation
                         of the governing documents and any procedure for the imposition of penalties.
            (4)        Any standards for delinquent assessment payment plans.
            (5)        Any procedures adopted by the association for resolution of disputes.
            (6)        Any procedures for reviewing and approving or disapproving a proposed
                        physical change to a member's separate interest or to the common area.
            (7)         Procedures for elections.

(b)        Sections 1357.130 and 1357.140 do not apply to the following actions by the
            board of directors of an association:
            (1)        A decision regarding maintenance of the common area.   
            (2)        A decision on a specific matter that is not intended to apply generally.
            (3)        A decision setting the amount of a regular or special assessment.
            (4)        A rule change that is required by law, if the board of directors has no discretion
                        as to the substantive effect of the rule change.
            (5)        Issuance of a document that merely repeats existing law or the governing documents. 

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