§ 714.1 - Allowed Solar Energy Restrictions

Notwithstanding Section 714, any association, as defined in Section 4080 or 6528, may impose reasonable provisions which:

  1. (a)Restrict the installation of solar energy systems installed in common areas, as defined in Section 4095 or 6532, to those systems approved by the association.
  2. (b)Require the owner of a separate interest, as defined in Section 4185 or 6564, to obtain the approval of the association for the installation of a solar energy system in a separate interest owned by another.
  3. (c)Provide for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of roofs or other building components.
  4. (d)Require installers of solar energy systems to indemnify or reimburse the association or its members for loss or damage caused by the installation, maintenance, or use of the solar energy system.

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