§ 1369 – Liens For Labor And Materials

In a condominium project, no labor performed or services or materials furnished with the consent of, or at the request of, an owner in the condominium project or his or her agent or his or her contractor shall be the basis for the filing of a lien against any other property of any other owner in the condominium project unless that other owner has expressly consented to or requested the performance of the labor or furnishing of the materials or services. However, express consent shall be deemed to have been given by the owner of any condominium in the case of emergency repairs thereto. Labor performed or services or materials furnished for the common areas, if duly authorized by the association, shall be deemed to be performed or furnished with the express consent of each condominium owner. The owner of any condominium may remove his or her condominium from a lien against two or more condominiums or any part thereof by payment to the holder of the lien of the fraction of the total sum secured by the lien which is attributable to his or her condominium.

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