§ 1366.2 – Collection Of Assessments; Recording Of Identifying Statement

(a) In order to facilitate the collection of regular assessments, special assessments, transfer fees, and similar charges, the board of directors of any association is authorized to record a statement or amended statement identifying relevant information for the association. This statement may include any or all of the following information:

  1. The name of the association as shown in the conditions, covenants, and restrictions or the current name of the association, if different.
  2. The name and address of a managing agent or treasurer of the association or other individual or entity authorized to receive assessments and fees imposed by the association.
  3. A daytime telephone number of the authorized party identified in paragraph (2) if a telephone number is available.
  4. A list of separate interests subject to assessment by the association, showing the assessor’s parcel number or legal description, or both, of the separate interests.
  5. The recording information identifying the declaration or declarations of covenants, conditions, and restrictions governing the association.
  6. If an amended statement is being recorded, the recording information identifying the prior statement or statements which the amendment is superseding.

(b) The county recorder is authorized to charge a fee for recording the document described in subdivision (a), which fee shall be based upon the number of pages in the document and the recorder’s per-page recording fee.

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