§ 6620 – Amendment Of Declaration; Procedure

(a) A declaration may be amended pursuant to the declaration or this act. An amendment is effective after all of the following requirements have been met:

  1. The proposed amendment has been delivered by individual notice to all members not less than 15 days and not more than 60 days prior to any approval being solicited.
  2. The amendment has been approved by the percentage of members required by the declaration and any other person whose approval is required by the declaration.
  3. That fact has been certified in a writing executed and acknowledged by the officer designated in the declaration or by the association for that purpose, or if no one is designated, by the president of the association.
  4. The amendment has been recorded in each county in which a portion of the common interest development is located.

(b) If the declaration does not specify the percentage of members who must approve an amendment of the declaration, an amendment may be approved by a majority of all members, pursuant to Section 6522.

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