§ 7814 – Filing Certificate Of Amendment To Articles

(a) Except for amendments adopted by the incorporators pursuant to Section 7811, upon adoption of an amendment, the corporation shall file a certificate of amendment, which shall consist of an officers’ certificate stating:

  1. The wording of the amendment or amended articles in accordance with Section 7816;
  2. That the amendment has been approved by the board;
  3. If the amendment is one for which the approval of the members (Section 5034) or the approval of 100 percent of the voting power is required, that the amendment was approved by the required vote of members; and
  4. If the amendment is one which may be adopted with approval by the board alone, a statement of the facts entitling the board alone to adopt the amendment.
  5. If the amendment is one for which the approval of a person or persons other than the incorporators, directors or members is required, that the approval of such person or persons has been obtained.

(b) In the event of an amendment of the articles pursuant to a merger, the filing of the officers’ certificate and agreement pursuant to Section 8014 shall be in lieu of any filing required under this chapter.

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