§ 7121 – Change Of Unincorporated Association To Corporation

(a) In the case of an existing unincorporated association, the association may change its status to that of a corporation upon a proper authorization for such by the association in accordance with its rules and procedures.

(b) In addition to the matters required to be set forth in the articles pursuant to Section 7130, the articles in the case of an incorporation authorized by subdivision (a) shall set forth that an existing unincorporated association, stating its name, is being incorporated by the filing of the articles.

(c) The articles filed pursuant to this section shall be accompanied by a verified statement of any two officers or governing board members of the association stating that the incorporation of the association by means of the articles to which the verified statement is attached has been approved by the association in accordance with its rules and procedures.

(d) Upon the change of status of an unincorporated association to a corporation pursuant to subdivision (a), the property of the association becomes the property of the corporation and the members of the association who had any voting rights of the type referred to in Section 5056 become members of the corporation.

(e) The filing for record in the office of the county recorder of any county in this state in which any of the real property of the association is located, of a copy of the articles of incorporation filed pursuant to this section, certified by the Secretary of State, shall evidence record ownership in the corporation of all interests of the association in and to the real property located in that county.

(f) All rights of creditors and all liens upon the property of the association shall be preserved unimpaired. Any action or proceeding pending by or against the unincorporated association may be prosecuted to judgment, which shall bind the corporation, or the corporation may be proceeded against or substituted in its place.

(g) If a corporation is organized by a person who is or was an officer, director or member of an unincorporated association and such corporation is not organized pursuant to subdivision (a), the unincorporated association may continue to use its name and the corporation may not use a name which is the same as or similar to the name of the unincorporated association.

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